Guest Book for Jon Michael Bellis

Provided by Hawley Lincoln Memorial Funeral Service

Posted by: Nancy Gendron Rosner
Tue August 04, 2015
I am in shock & so sad to hear of Jon's passing.  I lived across the street from the Bellis family & Jon helped me shovel the snow in front of our house every time it snowed. He really was great to me as was Tedric; I was very lucky to have Jon & his family living across the street. Just recently I saw his name on Facebook under, "Someone you might know." We haven't been in touch for so long so I thought I'd get the nerve up soon to ask him to be FB friends. I can't believe I waited too long. I am so sad & Ted & family, please accept my deepest condolences. I loved being your neighbor & I'm so sad that I was too timid about asking Jon to be my FB friend. When I saw the photo of Jon & his wife, they both looked wonderful & happy. Now you will rest with our Heavenly Father. RIP Jon.

Posted by: The Mahon Family
Wed August 05, 2015
Dear Erin and Family, We are so saddened to hear of this news. We are thinking about you and keeping you strongly in our hearts and prayers. God bless all of you.
Anna, Sean and the kids

Posted by: Marjorie Lippman Lipsky
Wed August 05, 2015
Dear Kathryn,

Jon and I were Wantagh HS classmates, and I just wanted to add my voice to that of those who have already expressed their condolences.  Jon was a much-loved and -admired member of our class; his designation of Scholar-Athlete at graduation was certainly well deserved.

I never saw Jon again after that time.  However, we recently became Facebook "friends."  In so doing, we gave each other snapshots of our lives for the past 40-some years.  Jon's love for you, Chris and Erin -- and the pride he took in his whole family -- couldn't have been more evident.  Also evident was the joy with which he lived every day of his life with all of you.

I hope you can take some comfort from this.  Please know that he will live forever in the minds and hearts of all who knew him.

With wishes for strength and peace at this difficult time,
Marjorie (Lippman) Lipsky

Posted by: joanvollono
Wed August 05, 2015
what a really beautiful obituarie Love that you included a prayer at the end

Posted by: Sally DeGennaro
Wed August 05, 2015
Dear Kathy, Chris and Erin - I was so shocked and saddened by the news of Jon's sudden death.  What a beautiful man - he gave so much to so many, and I am sure he will be missed by all.  Chris, I remember you from your Hopkins days - "Mrs. D" - .  Kathy, I hope you will find comfort in your memories of your16 life with Jon - the love of your life.  My prayers are with you all.  With deepest sympathy, Sally

Posted by: Lisa DeAngelis
Wed August 05, 2015
Dear Kathryn,

I can't believe you lost your beloved Jon.  My heart breaks for you and your family.  All of you are in my thoughts and prayers.

Love,  Lisa

Posted by: Charlotte page Johnston
Wed August 05, 2015
Dear Kathy,

I am truly sorry to hear about John's passing. Please accept my sincerest condolences.
I'm sure you have some wonderful memories, after 37 years, to look back on and find comfort in. God bless you and your beautiful family. Hugs and prayers. Charlotte

Posted by: Ellen Tattenbaum
Thu August 06, 2015
I want to convey how very sorry I am to hear this news about "Mr. Bellis". He was my math teacher at Hopkins and I remember him as a great teacher and such a nice guy. (I ended up going into math as my profession.) My condolences to his family. You are all in my thoughts.

Posted by: Harriet Goldberg
Thu August 06, 2015
i have been involved in treatment in many different settings.   He was a really good guy and will be sadly missed.

Posted by: Ray Weber
Thu August 06, 2015
To the Bellis family:

On behalf of our Weber family, including Sherry and my mom in Ohio, please accept our deepest prayers, sympathy and condolences on the recent passing of Jon .

As neighborhood friends went and then our connection through Athletics, at WHS, we all looked up to Jon, so very much as he was 2 years older and such a true mentor , leader and inspiration, through and through!  He lead by a confident example and lead he did!  He was top shelf.

He encouraged us all in an effective and  superb manner, and that in itself, has never been forgotten over all of these years. When I think of Class, leadership, inspiration and the ultimate Student - Athlete, that we all aspired to be,   there was Jon, at the VERY top of the class!

Our love to all of you now and going forward and please know that Jon, so very much, left and incredible lasting and glowing legacy, on all that had the pleasure and honor of knowing him !

Ray Weber
San Diego, Ca.

Posted by: Jill Sarkady
Thu August 06, 2015
To the family of Jon Bellis:
Jon was one of the people with whom I interacted as a patient at Adult Continuing Care on Chapel St.  We would only interact when he was subbing for the other clinician who ran the groups I was in.  At first, I did not feel comfortable with Jon but as I began to listen to him and notice how he gave his undivided attention to all people I felt a growing appreciation and affection for him. I played a prank on him once in which I was found out and he was his usual courteous, but direct self -- no judgement and I like to think that he kind of enjoyed the game  a bit  . . .in his usual unflappable manner. But what affected me most in my friendship with Jon was his sincere and patient care with clients. He treated everyone as worthy and left me several times with a sense of self-respect that I had not felt before with in interactions with most previous male clinicians. I am so sorry for your loss as I imagine he was the best of husbands, of fathers, uncles and to so many a true friend. Wishing you the comfort and peace of grace in your time of grieving.

Posted by: Mark Arons
Fri August 07, 2015
Jon - We'll be teeing it up again someday! I know you'll have a new swing. And you will be hitting 'em long and straight for sure, since the likes of Bobby Jones and Sam Snead will be giving you pointers.
You're gone way too soon. We love and miss you, my friend!

Posted by: Peter Kuntz
Tue August 11, 2015
Kathy, Christopher, Erin,

I have such fond memories of Jon and all of you. His enthusiasm for life was an inspiration. You are very much in my thoughts at this difficult time.


Posted by: Lisa Kababek
Tue November 10, 2015
To the family of Jon: 1st I need to let you know I just found out today from a colleague of his, and I was so hoping this wasn't true. I was an adult patient of his last summer & from the moment I met him until I graduated from his sessions I was so inspired & in awe of this man. He spoke so kindly to all of us. His wisdom was infectious. All I could think of during his discussions was how lucky his wife & children are to have a man of this caliber in their lives. My heart aches for his family, for this is such a shock & his love for you all was so evident. Thank you for sharing that it was quick & yes, I am sure as everyone is, that he is in heaven & at peace. I am so very sorry for your loss & that this happened. God bless you.